Microsoft Sway embeds no longer work since URL change

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Apparently, the URL for Sway recently changed from "" to "". The Sway team must not have looped in (no pun intended) the SharePoint Online team to add the new URL to the HTML field security list. Obviously, a site admin can add it manually, but making that change for all of the sites in our tenant where someone may want to embed a Sway isn't feasible.

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@Chad_V_Kealey, thanks for posting. We ran into the same situation and were also unaware of the URL change. Was it even announced at all? Aside from this post, I couldn't find anything about it online or in the Message Center.
I dug through the roadmap and message center and found nothing on this, either. I've also checked newly-created SP sites and found that the new domain still isn't included. I'm kind of surprised there isn't a "Sway" web part and that the only way to add one to a page is with the embed code.