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I just noticed an update on the roadmap for Microsoft Search in classic sites:

"Microsoft Search in classic SharePoint sites brings the Microsoft Search experience to classic SharePoint sites and moves the search box to the application header in Office 365."


Just curious if anyone has seen details of this change and what it means to "classic" search settings currently applied to classic sites?



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It means the Search box for classic sites is going to be located also in the top bar

@Juan Carlos González Martín So not a move then, just an additional search box? Do you have a link that shows that by any chance?

In case anyone else needs to know how to manage this change, it's discussed around the 25 minute mark on this Ignite session


Thanks to Mikael Svenson for the link.

@Richard Bourke I'm trying to figure out how this impacts the search pages that I've deployed on a site by site basis for groups that have metadata and large libraries.  The search pages have a search box, search results and search refiners.  Will these searches continue to work?  Or is the search box web part being deprecated?  Thanks. 

@Richard Bourke@Donna Steinwand,


This change will not impact any existing customizations in classic sites. Only classic team sites that do not have customized search experience will be updated to the modern Microsoft Search experiences.


When this feature is available, classic team sites that meet certain criteria will switch to using the Microsoft Search search box. As in modern sites, the search box will be at the top of the page in the suite navigation bar.


This feature will not affect or disrupt any team sites with:

  • Classic publishing features turned on
  • Custom result types
  • Complex query rules on the default result source.

You can also opt out of this change by using below PowerShell command:



Set-PnPSearchSettings -Scope Site -SearchBoxInNavBar ModernOnly


Read more information at: Introducing Microsoft Search in classic SharePoint sites 

Microsoft documentationClassic pages and Microsoft Search 

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