Microsoft Project online (plan 3) & Sync to Outlook

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My company started to use (finally) Microsoft Project Online (Plan 3).

All very nice and handy - I could see my Tasks... but there is a way to sync them to Outlook?


I have searched a lot of documents, most of them stating that is NOT possible, but the the question remains: why is not possible as long the button (still) EXIST at this date but is disabled.


I have found an article on how to reactivate the "link to the personal site" - The "Sync to Outlook" button and the "Tasks" link are missing in SharePoint Online but even the document was updated in 03/31/2022 it states that 


The personal Tasks page will also continue to be available for one year following the announcement that was made on September 4, 2014. After that time, this functionality will be removed and will no longer be available or supported.


But why in the world after many years later that button is still active?... probably because is it possible to use it?


So the question: is in which condition I could use that button? What settings should be done to make it work (if Microsoft decide to keep it there)?


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