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I need to get some columns from a lookup list to fill collumns on my main list.

Some of those values are also lookup fields (to help fill them with another lists).

I know from Sharepoint we cannot use a lookup column value to fill in my value...But I wonder to duplicate the VALUE of the lookup column on another text type column and use that.

The question then is what is the simple way to automatically fill a column on a list with the value entered (with a lookup) into another column. In brief I'd like when I enter a value on a column to be duplicated into another column, like an autofill.


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@Gfran999 You can customize list forms using Power Apps and use custom logic to auto populate columns based on selections in other fields - this will auto populate and update column values immediately.


Another option is to run the Power automate flow on item creation/update to auto populate columns based on other column values - there will be some delay in seeing the auto populated/updated values till flow run completes.  

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