Microsoft Lists / SharePoint Lists usage statistics


Is there a way to get usage statistics on Lists / Lists items?


In the OOTB usage stats, we have site visitors count; page views but I do not see where I could get the number of users that visited at a list.



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No to my knowledge, but take a look at the events tracked at the Microsoft 365 Audit Log Serach
I will look there but we need user friendly usage stats. I wish it's in the planned features.

Can we get @Mark Kashman attention here?

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I was able to use PowerShell to extract logs information with this command:
Search-UnifiedAuditLog -StartDate (Get-Date).AddDays(-300) -EndDate (Get-Date).AddDays(+1) -Operations ListItemViewed -ObjectIds $SiteURLs -ResultSize 5000

But this should be available to site owners without admin access.
same question on this.
Is there a way to look into these statistics in an easier/friendlier way?
Without having to use PowerShell, and with no possibility of having M365 Audit Logs can we obtain even basic information on the total number of views on a list?
Thank you