Microsoft Lists - How to duplicate a record?

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Hi, all. I'd like to duplicate a record (or row) in Microsoft Lists. Is there a way to do this? Thanks for any help provided.

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If you have a view with all fields then you can


  • edit the date in grid view
  • mark the whole row you want to copy
  • press CTRL-C
  • Click on "Add a new Item"
  • press CTRL-V
  • exit grid view

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@SvenSieverding This doesn't work, it just pastes all the content into the first field.


You need to select the whole row, including the field with the selection circle to paste the data into


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@Marcus_Pohl It is possible using edit in grid view. Follow these steps: 


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Hi Sven - your original written instructions say to do another step "Click on "Add a new Item"" which is what was making your solution not work.


Hi Marcus I need to do the same think however I dont appear to have the 'add new item' option , if you press the Green bow new item it opens up the form, any ideas how to add the option link as highlighted please? 



@jaynefrancesjtpk "Add new item" link is not available in normal list view. It is visible in Grid view (quick edit view) only.


You can switch to grid view using Edit in grid view option at the top of list: 


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You can do this with a simple flow in Power Automate and a JSON-formatted button to trigger the flow. You'd need get item then create item actions.