Microsoft Lists - Can you create new templates, or new lists from existing lists?

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I have created a list from one of the provided Microsoft Lists templates, and extensively customized/edited it (adding and removing fields/columns).  I have 3 interrelated questions that ultimately are about sharing the structure but not the content:

(1)  Can I save it as a template to create additional new lists from it? 

(2)  If not, can I simply create another list from this one somehow?

(3)  How would a coworker use my customized list structure to create his own list with his own entries (as opposed to sharing the list which simply lets us co-edit my list and content)?

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@ChrisStovall you can't save a modern list as a template but you can create a new list from an existing one. It creates the structure but doesn't include the content. To allow a co-worker to create a list from your list they would need to have owner permissions on the list.


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