Microsoft List (in sharepoint) and VLOOKUP in Excel spread sheet

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I don't really know how to explain this however I will try my best here. 


I have an Excel spreadsheet of all of our retail stores including store number, address, phone, IP address etc etc. We call this the Stores Master List.


We also have an Excel spreadsheet that has VLOOKUP commands to populate a table when we select x number of stores that have not transferred data overnight. We call this our Polling Report.

=VLOOKUP([@[Store Number]],' Documents/General/[Stores Master List.xlsx]STORE MASTER SHEET'!$A:$C,3,FALSE)



As you can see the Store Name is populated by the VLOOKUP from the Stores Master List.xlsx


I have now uploaded this Stores Master List.xlsx to a Microsoft List so we can make it easier to share but also update as and when we have new stores added or remove closed stores.


What I can't seem to work out is how to use a similar VLOOKUP command to populate the Store Name field in our Polling Report spreadsheet that needs to pull the data from the Microsoft List instead of the Stores Master List spreadsheet.

Any help would be amazing


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Can't believe nobody is using a MS List with data and is using some kind of VLOOKUP to extract data like we are using.

It defeats the purpose of having a sharepoint list if i can't then use data from it online in another document.