Microsoft List Forms - Multiple Choice Type not showing all answers

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I have created a list which contains a column for "Client". This column is of the type "Multiple Choice" with "Can add values manually" selected. 


I then completed the form and added "client 2" when completing the "client" field. 



This worked and the item was added to the list. However when trying to complete the form again, "client 2" is not an option to pick for the "client" field. It appears if you click "New" when on the list, but it doesn't appear when on the form. 

Jameshelio_1-1717494762963.png - client field in "form"


 - client field in "new"


Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? 



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Fill-in values ("Can add values manually") will not be stored as options/choices in choice column settings automatically. This is by design in SharePoint and Microsoft Lists.


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Apologies, when I said type "Multiple choice" I meant that the column is of type "choice".

Allow Multiple Selection is turned off.

The fill in values must be stored if they are appearing when you click "new" on the list to add a new row. I just don't understand why they aren't appearing in the new "forms" feature for lists.