Microsoft List – can’t see images in Gallery view,




I was hoping someone can help with this issue. A group of users cannot view the images in Gallery view in Microsoft List. See screen-shot. 

What we tried:

  • They all have the correct permissions
  • I created a new list with the same images and can see them fine. 
  • This List has a couple MS forms and 300 questions. It will be too difficult to re-create it.

Any ideas why the images are not visible in gallery view? 


gallary view.jpg


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Is this also happening if those user access the list in an InPrivate session?


I am experiencing the same issue. 


Have you ever resoloved ?


If the images show for some people but not for everyone try this method:

open the List in Sharepoint online.

Press F12 and open Developer Tools.

Click on the tab 'application'

On the left side click on Local Storage

Rightclick on the link '' and select 'Clear'