Microsoft Graph APIs:Site APIs are failing with 503 service unavailable

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To get the list of sites of SharePoint, I tried using the graph APIs mentioned in the following link of MS documentation. 



APIs I have tried to get the SharePoint sites as per the above documentation is as follows:






All the APIs to access sites are failing with 503 Service unavailable now.


Previously, 3-4 days ago,  the API to get the group's team site used to work, but now that is also failing with 503 services unavailable.


But group APIs are still working. For example, : this API works fine but getting site details for a group is still failing. ({groupid}/sites/root) with 503 service unavailable.


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We have excecly the same. is this solved for you?

We are having this issue as well. I believe this started failing for us on 3/30.