Microsoft Form in Sharepoint site for people outside of organisation

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We have a form where customers can log a ticket and it is loaded into a SharePoint list. One of the questions on the form is an attachment field where users can upload necessary files. With this field, it means the form can only be filled out by those within your organisation. This form will be loaded onto our SharePoint site.


Now the way our SharePoint site is set up is that we have some people with shared access to the site meaning they use their own emails to access our SharePoint site. If they have access to the SharePoint site, will they have access to our form as well? We want a form that anyone can access if they have access to our SharePoint site.

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Hi Amber

Thanks for sharing, only works for everyone if there is no "file" upload thing.

Though there is a option in OneDrive to request files and add that link to the form!

Hope that helps!


I thought as much! Unfortunately the file request through OneDrive wont work for our situation either! Thanks anyway!

Oh, I am not sure how to help :(
Well, they would have to either sign out of the personal account then sign in with the sharepoint account or open link in a private window and signing in : )
As discussed in this thread if you are using Forms for the form, then you are tied to the settings options in the form when filled either internally or externally. As you have figured out, you cannot attach a file in a form in all the possible situations so maybe Forms is not your option here.