Microsoft Clarity on SharePoint: Issues with images on recordings

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not sure if this is the right place to post this as it relates more to Clarity than SharePoint, but couldn't find any solution for this.

We've recently installed Microsoft Clarity on our communication site.

When watching the recordings I've come across some inconsistencies mainly with the images:


* Images on Home page

We have a Hero webpart in our Home page, and the recording doesn't seem to take some of the images; it shows grey tiles instead. It only shows 2 out of the 5 tiles. The missing tiles/images are always the same. However in some other recordings it shows all the images.  It is very inconsistent.

Even for me as an admin of the site and Clarity, the recording of my session doesn't show the images but I could see them correctly on the actual site, no errors.



* Images in banners not loading

Header images do not show for any page on the recordings



* Images broken in Quick links

Using the Quick links webpart, many of the links show broken images while some other show correctly. Most of the images come from the same source and have the same formatting.



Again, in some of the recordings the images that here show broken for some (see above), show correctly for other (see below) so one would be inclined to think there's something wrong on the user experience standpoint.



This is standard, out of the box SharePoint site.


With these, we cannot be sure if users are having troubles displaying the images, if they are having a bad experience, if this is just a matter of the recording etc.


Has anybody come across something similar or have any answer to these?


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A similar issue was reported here, and shoots a good question:

In my case, clearing the cache did not fix the images not showing on the recording.