Microsoft 365 Learning SharePoint site's pages keep loading forever

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Inside our Office 365 tenant, we have provisioned the Office 365 Learning SharePoint site. But when users access the home page of the site or any other modern page inside the site, the web parts inside the page keeps loading forever as follow:-




Any advice what could be causing this issue?


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Is this happening only on this O365 learning site or on all Modern sites? How did you create this Learning site? was it via Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways?
- I would try to get Developer tools trace and see if you are seeing any HTTP 500/ 400 or 403 status coming back from SharePoint Online service.
- Also, are you able to reproduce this behavior with InPrivate browsing session as well?
- What browsers are you using to access these sites? Are all users having this issue?

@Dhiren Mehta tried this on chrome, edge & Firefox + yes i cleared the browser cache.. nothing solved this issue

Please confirm the type of Navigation the site is designed with
Structural or managed
is caching enabled on the navigation settings ?

Anaylse the traffic on the site by using developer tools on your browser F12, check the time at which each content loads, this will help you determine which webpart is causing the effect and also check the navigation as well.

Ok then without looking at Developer tools trace , it would be difficult to find out what's causing the web part content to not load. I don't see any wide spread issue around O365 learning site or any other sites that match this behavior. So I would recommend to open up a Support case with Microsoft support team so that our teams can investigate this specific issue for you.

@regalchidi  here are the results from F12 developer tools:-





could those be causing the infinite loading?



@Dhiren Mehta inside the F12 developer tools i am getting these errors:-




could those be causing the infinite loading issue?


I do see error reading Custom Learning JS file which can be part of the problem, however, Network tab on the Developer tools would be more helpful to identify the Requests and Response headers of the requests being made between client browser and SPO service. If we are seeing HTTP 500 or 401,403,400 type of HTTP Response code to one or more requests, then we need to dig into those requests and see what's causing those errors.

@Dhiren Mehta thanks for the reply.. yes the Network tab has also an error as follow:-




any idea how i can fix these errors?


John : I see this same $value 404 error in my working lab tenant site as well. It's pointing to Profile image photo not being found. So it's benign and it's not the cause of the issue you are facing. We might be getting another error while loading the page. I can't say for sure on which resource request it would be without looking at full trace. I think the best way here would be to have our support teams look at it on the case so that we can do deep dive into this issue.

@Dhiren Mehta thanks,, i opened a ticket with Microsoft regarding this issue. regards

Hi, What you will need to do is use the Microsoft support tool (SARA) to capture the network and performance trace while accessing the page.
After capturing the log, attach it to the ticket you opened with Microsft for them to review, this will aid them in finding what the cause of the delay on the site and the issues with the webpart.
While capturing this log, issue you ain't using incognito browser and ensure you don't have any confidential pages opened on the PC.
You can get the tool from Microsoft site
Hi, was the issue resolved?