Mgrating large excel files to SharePoint - errors

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I'm currently trying to migrate my Finance Team to SharePoint and i'm facing lots of errors, I wondered if anyone out there faced the same issues and if there are any other solutions?

Errors reported by the team are:

1. There seems to be a lag of 5-7 minutes before SharePoint recognizes that you are out of a file, because if I close and then try to open some minutes later it says someone else is in the file and so you can only enter as read only

2. It takes time to recognize that a new version of a file has been saved so the new file doesn’t show up in the folder for quite a few minutes

4. Error being received that ‘some records have been removed’? when opening the excel files

5. Enabling content gives you a pop up of all broken links that you have to select ok to before you can load the file

6. Generating a report from SmartView took 25mins from SharePoint and 21 mins from file share, Excel then froze and smartview uninstalled itself


I have used LinkFixer to fix all my links and ShareGate to migrate the files.


Any experience or help would be much apprieciated! Maybe sharepoint isn't the right tool?



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Hi Kathryn!

In "File size limits for workbooks in SharePoint Online" you can see some of the limitations and "expected behavior" if they are too large. This is a good place to start.

BR, Magnus