Metadata vs Folders (drop down options)

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On our work SharePoint I noticed there were Document Libraries that had a drop down for document organizing vs having folders.


what option is this and why is it like this instead of folders? I really liked the flow of it but couldn’t understand it.

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Folders used to be a nightmare to manage. It’s a much better experience now.

To set up the drop down, you’ll create a choice or lookup column and fill that field out when a document is uploaded. You can add fields to track Due Dates, Assigned To, Content Type, or anything else you need to track. Then you Group By or Filter based on that column, and/or create views that filter on those fields.

If you need to use folders, you can still create the columns and the views. I recommend creating a view that will show you all documents without folders - it will make it easier to find something that gets put in the wrong, or duplicate files. To do this, create a new view with no filters, scroll to the bottom and expand the Folders option - select the option to see all files without folders. You could have folders AND metadata.

If you need to have special permissions on folders, check out using Microsoft Teams and private/shared channels. It’s easier to manage in my opinion.

Hopefully this helps - ask away if you have more questions.
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Based on the information provided… Create two lists with these fields: Offices: - Title (Office Name) - Approver (Person) Purchase Requests - All fields needed for a purchase request - Office (lookup to Offices List, select Title field) Now you have a connection between the Purchase Request and the Office. Are you using Power Automate for the approval? Assuming this runs on SharePoint/when an item is created, you’ll add SharePoint/Get List Item and connect to the Offices list, and use the dynamic selector to get the Office ID. When you add the approval, you’ll be able to select the approver for that office. If you are using something else for the workflow or need help with Power Automate, post back.