Metadata Navigation and Filtering inside modern experience, has it been deprecated

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From my on-premises experience, i always like to enable the site feature named "Metadata Navigation and Filtering", not just because it ease filtering items, but it add some filtering logic.



For example if we have a column of type "Number" then the metadata navigation inside the list (on classic online UI OR on-premises UI) will allow me to filter items which have At Least , At Most or Equal certain number as follow:-



but if i render the list inside the modern UI, then i will loose this filtering logic and the only option to filter the "Number" field will be to manually select the desired number/s , as follow,



and i will not be able to specify that i want all the items which have At Least certain number. also if i turn off Metadata Navigation for the list, the modern UI filtering options will not be affected.. so as-if the modern UI no more reply/care on what we define inside the Metadata Navigation?

so can i say that Metadata Navigation and Filtering inside modern experience, has been deprecated ? and if this is the case, then can we get some filtering logic inside the modern UI list filtering, as the options we got inside the classic UI Metadata navigation (such as when filtering columns of type Number)?


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Correct, metadata navigation and filtering is not in modern experience and I have not heard about what's the plan to bring it to the modern experience
Is there a reason that Microsoft is deprecating this feature? Is there some other feature that replaces it? I understand that it's a simplification but it's also a serious downgrade to usability for finding labeled content. In my experience, users need to be able to see the context of the labels they are searching for (hierarchy) and users want to be able to search for terms by aliases (key filter). Oddly, both of these functions have been incorporated into the modern experience for adding labels to items, just not finding items with the label...I don't understand this decision.