Mention in Word Online not sending email notification

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My documentlibrary has approval enabled + checkin and checkout. Only people with edit permissions can see drafts. 

When I mention someone in Word Online (first I do a checkout - mention somebody - checkin again) that person never receive any email notification. 

Now when I disable the required approval function and checkin checkout the mention function sends out the email notification perfectly. 

I cannot believe that the email notification only works when you disable approval and checkin checkout. I would be nice to work on a draft document and mention other people of your edits for example.  

Can somebody confirm that this is how it works? 

thanks in advance. 

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I have seen this issue when notifications are either disabled by the Admin. This article has details of the notification settings. I hope this helps.
Thanks for sharing but It's not that the notificiations isn't working. The only thing is that it isn't working when you use checkin and checkout. I personally think the @mention function is perfect for mention somebody in a 'draft' status document. But that's not the case. Try to mention someboy in a checked-in draft document. The notification will not be send.