Megamenu switches back to cascading on a hub site

Beat Grüring
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Is anyone else also having troubles with their megamenu?


The menu on our hubsite frequently switches back to the cascading style.

I can change the look back again to megamenu. 

But after some hours/days suddenly the cascading menu is back again.


We are using the menu on a hub site.

Thanks for any help.

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@Beat Grüring 

Yes, we are experiencing this as well. Very frustrating.


@Beat Grüring 

Yes, this happened to us late Wednesday/ early Thursday (US Eastern timezone).



@Beat Grüring @ErikJD 

The first time the hub menu switched back to cascading from megamenu, it happened "by itself." In other words, we have no idea what triggered it. Was this the case for you, as well?


We changed it to "megamenu" (with witnesses) and the menu did indeed change to that style. The next day, it was back to cascading.


I am opening a ticket with Microsoft and encourage you to do the same.


@Ann_M Opened a case yesterday. This is the second time it's happened to us. Good to see we're not alone as [hopefully] Microsoft will correlate our issues & ID the offending code...


@Beat Grüring 


Yes, it's happening to us, too.  We have 2 hub sites; this issue affects both.  Started on Wednesday night (US Eastern time zone).  On Thursday, we manually changed back to Megamenu, and that setting remained until sometime late Thursday night.  On Friday early morning (5:00 AM), it had switched on its own to Cascading.  We manually changed back to Megamenu, and that setting remained all day until sometime Friday.  On Saturday (today), it had switched on its own to Cascading.  Thanks for opening the ticket with Microsoft!


@James Fitch we had issues with the original default menu in that links were not working if you selected them, it was told via support that they had a global issue with global navigation, so would not surprise me that they have issues with your mega one too. I told them that Navigation is important to the business ...duhhh...and it's certainly not advertising, answer was that I needed to have patience after 2,5 week....:-) so work in progress.


On 26 April 2019, Microsoft responded to my service request and told me that this was fixed.:

"The product group has made a change on the backend and would like to see if this resolved the issue."


On Friday and today, my menu correctly displays in Megamenu mode. They would like to close the ticket. Has this been resolved for everyone else? @Beat Grüring @ErikJD @James Fitch 



Yes, it behaves properly now.  Thank you.

Yes, it has been behaving since my last post. Our Microsoft Case re: this issue remains open so our Sys Admin will call in today for an update. I will update this group if anything new comes to light during that conversation.

Thank you for the feedback @Ann_M 

Problem seems to be fixed.




In our tenant the issue is fixed since last weekend but it took a very long time to resolve. In my eyes this situation was fully unacceptable and It must have been raining issues. If you run an Intranet with 5000 users, navigation must work. period. @Beat Grüring