Mega Menu Sublink Titles Overflowing Due to String Length - Overflow Ellipsis No Longer Triggering

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The mega menu in the top navigation bar for the site I am working on is no longer triggering the overflow ellipsis function for sublink strings that are too long. Instead, the strings are just spilling over into the next header link section within the menu. This happened a few days ago out of the blue. I can recall no specific action that caused it. Does anybody else have a similar issue or a recommended fix?

Example of the issue:


Screenshot 2023-02-03 084652.png

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Hi @Holo_kid ;


this seems to be an issue since the last weekend

See another thread here: 

I "solved" it by manually shortening the links.

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there appear to be more issues with the modern UI since last week. I.e. problems with resolving users in the site sharing dialog

Hey @SvenSieverding,

Appreciate the quick response and helpful feedback. Always a comfort to find I'm not the only one. 

I'll probably hang tight for now and see what happens. Push comes to shove; we'll consider manual updates. Thanks again.