Mega Menu dropdowns disappear too quickly

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The hub site Mega Menu in sharepoint online has become all but unusable for us. Mechanisms for triggering the drop-down menus are inconsistent: sometimes you need to click it, sometimes just hover. On occasions where you're lucky enough to get the dropdown to appear, a simple mouse movement will often make the submenu collapse again. 


Is anyone else experiencing this?  It's a problem we've had for a couple years, but it just recently got so bad that we're now having to explore alternatives.


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Yes, we're having the same issue and from searching this forum, it seems to have been reported for years and it's still an issue.  I'm thinking of switching back to a different menu style because, like you said, it's unusable at this point.  The mega menu closes any sub-menus as soon as you move your mouse.  The only thing you can do is very accurately move the mouse down in a straight line to keep the sub-menu open.  This is not user-friendly at all.

I have the same problem. Yes, the menu is disastrous to use. I would put pressure on my webmaster until this bug is fixed! I can't understand why this isn't causing more excitement and hasn't been fixed long ago.
Same issue
As a workaround, the header can be set to Compact in the site configuration. Standard does not work!
I had the exact same issue, and I think the problem is solved now. @Bruno_Ziegler has pointed out the issue but I didn’t catch on without more explanation.
So, in settings > Change the look > Header : you need to change the “layout” from standard to another one.
“Compact” removed my issue!
Hope it helps!
For those still dealing with this, I was able to solve this through CSS: I simply moved the menu up 15px, which (with our compact layout menu and font selection, etc.) puts the mega menu just underneath the top-level items, so when you move your mouse downward you are already in the megamenu, keeping it on-screen. This of course requires having ability to update CSS -- we use the ShortPoint app which gives us easy access for that.

The CSS:
.ms-Callout-main { top: -15px!important; }