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We're planning out our new intranet based on Sharepoint Online, and I have this question: Say we go for enabling Mega menu on our root site. Using Mega menu so that our users can find our hub sites, we'll need to manually create links to all our hub sites (and potentially sites connected to those hub sites). If we change the URL for a hub (or associated) site, the Mega menu links will break. 


How does other Sharepoint Online uses handle this issue? Hard coding links this way is a dead link issue waiting to happen. 

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Hi@kenneho ,


Are you using the Modern Mega Menu in a communications Site? 


If so its all manual and you dont have the option to make it automatic.  Dead links just need to be handled manually when sites are deleted/moved.


The global menu that appears when using Hub Sites as far as I know cannot be a mega menu. It is just a flat list of links.


Hope that helps


Thanks for your input, @Andrew Hodges. You answered my initial question.  I'm using Modern Mega Menu in a communication site. 


One quick addition: I guess it's safe to assume that hub sites cannot automatically link to connected communication sites either? 



By default the Hub Nav has the name and the link of the Hub Site on the far left. Once you  connect any site to the Hub those sites will also have that link. 


Any further links you add to the Hub Nav will also show on all sites connected to that Hub Site. 


Editing the Hub Nav will change it across all connected sites. 


Hope that helps


Thanks for the info. @Andrew Hodges


For the hub site to have links to associated/connected sites, one manually have to add these on the hub nav, right? 



Yes that's right. The Hub Nav is populated manually and the only link that is there by default is the link to the Hub site itself.