Meeting room Calendar in sharepoint online

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Hi All,

Is there a way to show a meeting room calendar in SharePoint online page. 
Meeting room is a resource.
Even if I can get a link to view the calendar in a page will be ok.

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I think so many people are looking for this simple solution and SharePoint online is just so **bleep** difficult that these simple things are not available. I been looking for the same answer (Room calendar view to show in sharepoint online) looks like no one have answers for this. Web part looks so cool when you start and get all excited that WOW lots of tools but they are just full of C. Its either live in sharepoint world or cant connect to anything outside. I have few things i been trying to get this SPO online to work with but it just does not work. Its great tool but will be halfa** if aint fully working. MS hopefully you'll see this and provide feedback.
Why so negative?
If you're missing a feature you can always build it, You can just build this one easily from Power Automate...

@NicolasKheirallah how to build in power automate?

First create a List and a calender view:

Then you create two jobs, one that get's all current calander events and one that get's all changes that happens on that calander. Run this on a service account that has access to the calander in question :)

Try making it and I'll help you on the way as I also want to learn what's happening and how everything works!

what about the (Resources) room calendars that are existing in office 365? how to get them in SPO? the method you provide looks like is to create something new.
we have room calendars with events in them and shared among users and linked in their outlook desktop app.
You can use Graph API and Query those, there is a graph connector in Flow :)
Graph connector will read the current user's calendar only. When I tried to read the resource calendar, I got error "Access denied ". I gave calendar read all permission also.
Try using HTTP connector instead.
Do you mean from power automate?
i have the same question. where is Graph connector? cant find it in web part.
It's not a webpart, it's a connector in Power Automate


Yes Power Automate.
how has it gone ? Did you solve it or still need help ? :)

@NicolasKheirallah I was looking for a simple solution to show the actual Meeting room resource calendar in SharePoint webpart, it didn't work yet


I don't think this is the point.

PowerApp webparts require licensing even to just view on SharePoint.

If you have 1000 staff with only 750 E3/E5 licenses required then this is not a viable option.

It's a bit of a hack trying to get users excited and invested only to paywall in a sense.

It's not powerapps, it's power automate so flow. And it's running on one account (Service account perferably), retrieving data and storing it in sharepoint Calender :)