'MediaServiceObjectDetectorVersions' indexed column for document library? Search issues.

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Hi All,


Currently i'm working on a project, where i run into some Sharepoint search issues. First thing I noticed is that all of the customers document libraries store way more than 5000 documents (like 100000 or so) and exceed the maximum view limit. 


The problem they experience is that when they search this library, mostly submaps (or even maps at the 3rd level) are indexed as the most relevant results, instead of the root folder. 


I tried finding a solution by adding columns to the view, in which they type specific info about the document that they normally would type in the document title like customer name and city. However when i tried to add those columns to the index i see that not all maps of a specific customer are loaded. Switched on the "ID" column, and found out it only loads maps with an ID below 5000... 


But when checking the column indexing again, i found that the document library had column indexing for just "MediaServiceObjectDetectorVersions". The customer has no clue what it is... I dont have a clue either. I tried google but not much info to be found.


Do you guys have any idea what this is? And is it a common issue that when the # of documents in the documnent library exceeds the limit of 5000 per view the search indexing is not working properly anymore?

Would love to hear from you :) Thanks!


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