[Me] Filter in SharePoint Error




I am running into an issue where I am 90% complete with a project for work, and running into this issue where when I try to create a specific quality assurance view in SharePoint where I only want people to see their own QA's (not anyone else's for obvious reasons), I set the filter to [Me] as I only want them to see their own stuff (but I get this error messages: "Filter Value is not a valid text string."


So after doing some research / digging - It looks like I need to somehow have to 'Assigned to ID' involved, but not sure how to do that or where to start.  I read that I could even create a web-part possibly, but not sure how to do that where it would filter to just that specific person?


Can anyone provide any guidance that can help me out?  Please keep responses simple as I'm not extremely versed on SP, but I do know a few things. 


Thank you in advance!




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