Maximum value for SharePoint List unique ID

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Hi everyone, 


I have a SharePoint List that gets updated daily. I have 25000-30000 items that get completely deleted every night and then created again with new values and content. So every new item gets a new list ID.


I'm a little bit worried because, even though SharePoint lists can store up to 30 Million items, what happens when the unique ID assigned to each item gets "overflowed"? 


For example, right now the last item's ID is 480368, and as I said before I create 30000 new items every single day , so doing a simple math it would take 1000 days to reach an ID number of 30000000 (if that's possible, I don't even know). 


What happens when the ID reaches a limit? Would it break the list? Will I be able to keep creating new items? 


Just to make it completely clear: the list will never reach the 30 million limit. It will always stay on 25000-30000 items. But I'm scared that the ID will break this process in less than 3 years. 


Thanks for your help!


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