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Hello Everyone ,


We are planning to migrate from SP2013 - SPO, we have an application with more than 6000 site collections and we want to replicate the same kind of structure in SPO.


We were thinking of using Hub sites as it provides a common search interface for all the sites under it, but just wanted to check how scalable it will be since the no of sites are large & how will it impact the performance? 


Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.




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Hi @Vikram_Hiremath

Please see here

No limit on the number of sites associated with a hub site

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard for your response. 


I just wanted to understand if attaching too many sites will have any performance impact on the site, since it has to pull data from all of the sites associated with it during the search . 



Thanks ,


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Hi @Vikram_Hiremath

Not as far as I am aware, hence no limit. If there were performance issues then Microsoft would have set a hard limit on the number of associated sites with a hub.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  :Thanks a lot :) 

It's not a problem. Indeed I have done a similar Project last year where we migrated 1.300 sites to SPO following the Hub pattern: all the sites are joined to a single Hub and everything works as expected