Material/Delivery Requests and Management Portal Solution - Seeking Ideals

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After a good amount of research and minimal luck, I am hoping I can turn to the community for some possible ideals and suggestions. 


Background: The Solution I am working with is a combination of Project Web App-SharePoint-Teams. It is configured so that when a Project is published, a corresponding Team and SP site is created. The majority of end users interact with all content through a Project Team (in Teams). In this scenario, the end users are using Teams, on an iPad, in the field.


Goal: The end users in the field need to have the ability to submit 'Requests/Tickets' for items such as Material/Supplies Request, Equipment Request, etc. For the logistics managers, they would like a central portal to where they can see each type of Request/Ticket in a central location. 


As of now, I have created Power Apps (forms) for each type of Request, which has its own Tab in the Team. The end users populates the Power App request form, and it posts to a corresponding list. From the POV of the managers, all of the different Request types are separated, among other missing out-of-box features.


Does anyone have any ideals to pass along? Other than a custom 3rd party solution, a Help/Ticketing App seems to be the only possible path-forward I have found, but I am not sure that is technically the best fit for this scenario.


Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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@tayram I've just recently delivered an applications support ticketing system for our company. The initial form is completed by the user in Microsoft Forms. A flow in Power Automate saves that to a triage list in SharePoint and sends a confirmation email back to the user with the ticket number. The Support Manager uses a Power Apps-customised SharePoint form in the triage list with buttons on to route it to a specific department and save the ticket to that department's list - again using flows in Power Automate. The management of that department assigns the ticket to an engineer who can view the ticket on the department's list and using buttons on the form can send comments back to the user, mark it as complete etc.


The combination of Forms, SharePoint, customised SharePoint forms (with Power Apps) and Power Automate all work really well together.


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