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Hi All,


I used Power Apps to copy one site into a new duplicated subsite but all of the URLs I have in quick links still point back to the original site.


Is there a way using Power Apps /  Power Automate / Other to bulk update URL x with URL y? or even better find string "abc" across all the quick links in my site and replace it with string "xyz".


Really trying to avoid updating ~1000 quick link URLs webpart by webpart.


Thanks in advance!

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@billahearn I don't know if there's a way to do it with PowerShell, but it's certainly not possible with Power Automate or Power Apps. The quick links web part, while useful, is very flawed in its implementation because you can't even copy the web part to a different page!


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It may be too late for you now, but if you use a tool like ShareGate to copy the content and structure of one site to another, all of the relative URLs are updated automatically to point to the corresponding page or asset on the new site.
Thanks Susan! Does ShareGate give me the option to leave the documents on the main site and only update the URLs that are Site Pages?
That may be possible, but I'm not sure. By default, it will replace all the places that reference the URL for the original site with the URL for the new site. If your home page has content that needs to stay referencing the original site, you may be able to copy in two passes to preserve the original links.