Mass moving photo files from document library to picture library

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Before we realized the difference in library types we started storing photos in a sub folder of the main document  library on our team site.  We now have created a Picture Library and wish to move the existing images from the document library to the picture library.  However, the MOVE function does not seem to work for this and the drag and drop option seems to create a LINK to the original image not move the image or even copy the image. 


I have  searched the community and web but have not found an answer that crosses between folder types.  Open to options including PowerShell scripts.


Thanks in advance and if the solution is obvious, oops.

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Use internet explorer. Library tab. Open in/with explorer on both source and destination library should be able to drag between them.

Thanks Christopher, I got back in to the Classic view and can see that option on the Library tab, however, it is grayed out and not available.  Not sure why, I am the global admin for our site.  I just assigned SharePoint admin to another user and will find out if they are able to access the Open with Explorer option.  

You have to use internet explorer. Chrome and edge won’t work.

Thanks Christopher, something I should have realized :)  have been caught by the difference between functionality of browsers more than once.  And you even said internet explorer in you comment.  I got that to work once I used IE.


I also got a comment from SPO Admin about internal options of the Content and Structure feature of SharePoint 

and that works also.  The internal option is a bit cumbersome but does not seem too difficult once you know how the get it turned on and available. 

Thanks SPO Admin, 


I got the Content and Structure feature turned on and working and am able to move files with that.  I was not able to move a folder and/or sub folders but otherwise it works fine.  I also realized after getting the reminder from Christopher that "use internet explorer"  really means IE, not Chrome or Edge :), something I was not paying attention to. So now that method also works.  


Thanks again.

@Al Kessler ,

Was this ever answered. I have the same problem here in 2020.