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We have a SharePoint page with a lot of files that I would like to map to a network drive.

I have tried to do these things

but unfortunately it does not work. Maybe you can use One Drive instead, but then it should not sync locally, but only show files on the "server" and edit directly.


When I try to use net use:


"Access denied. Before opening files in this location, add the site to the list of sites you trust, go to the site and choose to log in automatically."


I am someone who can help me. In advance thank you.

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Do not do that. It will be the worst experience you can do. You do not want to make a drive over the internet. Just use the OneDrive sync client. It does the exact same thing and you would have 100% better experience.

It was great when the SP farm is on the local network, but you should not do that over the internet. If you only knew the number of cases submitted for tech support on this issue, and it's not supported.


You need to understand how "Files on Demand" works and you will know the cloud icon is fine, you can still see all your files but they are not cached on the machine. If you need one, just click on it. It opens the exact same way it would if it's on your machine. Less the half a second to open.


Save disk space with OneDrive Files On-Demand for Windows 10 (

You basically have the following options:
a. map network drive.
As @David_Petree mentioned this has serious drawbacks.
b. use OneDrive for Business client
If you use "files on demand" you can to some extend limit the amount of data being stored locally.
Note: the local data is outside your control. if the user leaves the organization the data will remain available locally.
c. use 3rd part apps that mimic Windows Explorer in a browser (example
d. use client-side tools that extend Windows Explorer functionality to expose SharePoint content. see overview at Collab365
e. adopt the strategic direction from Microsoft and use the browser to access SharePoint
f. use Edge (requires config changes on SharePoint Online and the client computers to work)

Choose the option that suits your requirements best.

1000 Thank you for your input. Very interesting reading. Definitely think I do it instead. Do you know how to increase disk space - can see we have about 212 GB.

1000 Thanks you for your input. Very interesting reading. I definitely do not want to use network drives. Thanks for all the great input. It's just first class help on this site.

couple of questions


where do you see the 212gigs? Is that what you are your using online? If so, you can sync all 212gigs to your machine, and it won’t even take up 1gig in your machine. You can make it take all 212 gigs if you wanted it to, or you can not make it take up any space. That is what “files on demand” does for you.


i guess I’m having a hard time understanding your question.


do you want alll the files synced to your machine? If so, you can do that, but then the question is why? Why would you want that?



Sorry for my bad English ;)
I don't mean sync. But how much data size on my online SharePoint site to files. ervice limits for all plans
File size and file path length
250 GB - File upload limit. Applies to each individual file uploaded to Microsoft Teams Files tab, SharePoint document libraries, OneDrive folders, and Yammer conversations.


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