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Hello, i've seen an old youtube video where someone creates a map next to a list of people for showing people locations. I'm trying to do the same but it seems that the list doesn't have anymore a map view. I tried to create a page with a map webpart and a list of people and location but they don't seem to be linked. 

Basically i need a list of people and their locations. And a map showing pins for such locations. clicking on the pins i should see all the people of that locations and their details. 

Is there a solution for doing it in sharepoint without using third-part apps? I wouldn't want to make such thing in javascript-css...

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Perhaps you could try visio? I used to use that software to map where my employees were over half of the state of Florida. It was also helpful to designate their position, or value add component to keep an accurate understanding of where my strengths and opportunities were located...just a thought

@Jim_D10 i don't know visio much... but from little i know it's more a design diagram software. I need an interactive map that i can update with new people. and when i click the pins of the cities it should show me who's living there... can visio do that? 

@antonioaunix you can do this with Power Apps and a SharePoint list or Excel spreadsheet as the data source. And then use the Power Apps web part to display the map on the page. More info is at


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"Is there a solution for doing it in sharepoint without using third-part apps?"
Short answer no.

Long answer: look for alternatives like:
- Power Apps as @RobElliott suggested (still involves coding / getting license key, configuring list with location details, ...)
- Use 3rd party apps that provide integration with maps, e.g. example (this also requires one-off configuration of the location key + getting license key Google Maps)
- Develop your own solution