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The project management is an important part of an enterprise organization. And our project managers have been on top of everything since the remote work started. I wanted to share that knowledge with all of you so you can make your project management process easy. We all have heard a lot of discussions on how to manage projects effectively? but all that topics came to be useless once this remote work started. Teams started drifting from their projects. Many projects shelved due to improper management, an exhausted budget etc.. But many like us were able to avoid this by simply following a strategy. Almost all of us at our organization uses SharePoint everyday, so the shift to remote work was relatively easy. On top of that the proper planning the managers did was very effective. We have this 4 point plan in executing every project, and we plan our projects around these four points.

1. Working without a Goal

Setting a goal is the most important part of a project management process. Without a clear picture of the goal that is to be achieved, teams will go unsuccessful in completing a project meeting requirements. 

2. Scope Creep

Sometimes you can plan everything accordingly and the client could come and suggest more features and sabotage some of your plans. 

3. Accountability issue

As a project manager you are accountable for everything in the project. You have to track every step and progress in the plan. If you don't know who is working on what, then many things could go wrong. A project management solution, using which we can track all tasks in a project from start to end. 

4. The communication issue

Without proper communications most projects slide into failure. Proper communication is important if you want maximum output from your efforts. 

This has worked for us i'd say. I would love to hear form all of you on what are your project management strategies to manage the remote work. Hope all are staying safe!

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@robearthThanks for Sharing these great details it is helpful, as we all know different organizations use different methods but most follow the management tools I know we have many tools out there but the recent great ones from Microsoft are the leading ones.


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