Managing a multi language document library

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We have created a multi-language Communication SharePoint site without issues but I am looking for some guidance on what to do with our document libraries. Currently, our libraries contain both the English version and the French version of the document. Each library is is grouped first by department, then by document type (form, policies, procedures, etc.). Even with the grouping, navigation is starting to get a little difficult because of the volume of documents in the library.


My first thought to address this, would be to create two views - English view and French view but most of our users don't use or understand the View function so this solution might cause some big problems. Creating another library might help but that might cause some headaches when trying to manage two libraries - is the English version the same as the French version etc.? Any thoughts on the best way to handle multiple language documents?

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No out of the box solution available for the documents at the moment. You could create a SPFx web part retrieving all the documents filtered based on the current language off the page and show it as you would like. This will enable the automatic switch of the 'view' for the user.
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I would suggest creating the views yourself and embedding the English view on the English page and the French view on the French page. The user doesn't have to choose the view - you are doing it for them. An alternative is to use the highlighted content web part to do essentially the same thing - with a different filter on each language page.
Thanks Susan, I did make some tweaks to our site (one library was accessed through a link to a page, the other through a link to the library) and now that both libraries are accessed through a link to a page) I embedded the view. That seems to be the best solution.
I must have missed out on your question totally I think. I now understand and indeed Susan has given you the right direction.