Managed Paths in SharePoint Online

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Looking for some insight on whether or not we will be able to add our Managed Paths in SharePoint Online? Unless I am missing something. Anyone?

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Short answer. Currently you can't do it. You can only use the available "sites" and "teams" Managed Paths under SharePoint Online.

Given MPs are Web Application-wide (all tenants on your farm would be impacted) and MPs impact performance, it's doubtful we'll see something like this ever in a multi-tenant scenario without some significant rearchitecture to SharePoint.

Juan is right i know there was some discussion to change it don't know the status maybe it is on Uservoice
The fact that Groups with Modern Team sites are always created under /sites - has removed any advantage previously offered by the loose classification of /teams or /sites as a choice for your site collections

Hi, yes I was having this same issue myself, it's 2018 now, does anyone know if this issue has been resolved? I was spending ages online looking at the Admin Centers and thinking they look nothing like mine.

Adding new Managed paths are still not available in SPO. But there is now by default option to create sites under "/sites/" or under "/teams/". This will help to solve the common scenario of seperating out team sites from the rest. In SPO admin site there is option to select the default path to be used for while creating new team sites.



@Jason Hunt I don't think it will be available in the near future. As Trevor said, Managed Path are related to Web Application and your tenant is sharing his Web Application with lots of other tenants.


Technically that makes sense, but logically it does not to me. I wish we could re-map our paths so they represent the security characteristics of our sites. For example, something like:

/intranet/ (internal publishing sites with read-only for all & edit for assigned staff)

/personal/ (self-service sites such as Microsoft Teams, Planner sites etc)

/extranet/ (for internal/external authenticated collaboration)

/teams/ (for internal, organizational collaboration sites)

/sensitive/ (CJIS, HIPAA, legal docs, budget)

/anonymous/ (for publishing)

Should be made easy to provide clarity.

Site/classification labels are much more flexible for that specific use-case.

Thanks, I'll look into that as an option; I appreciate your tip. 


I was thinking of namespaces that inherit certain properties, and are visible to people where they might expect to see what distinguishes one location from another.

@Fred Bentler 

Sure, I can understand the need here (and previously used it a lot for SP on premise), but as already said, I don't see it reasonable to have this new feature in SPO in the next months. The cloud having its limitation, we can't really have HNSC too :)


Moreover, using this kind of classification directly in the Url may point to misunderstanding too. We all know that users may change the security, break some rules/guidelines/governance and then location of your site wont really match its current configuration/usage.


If you really need to have such separation, you can still prefix all your site collections' Url with anything you want, like: int- (for intranet), per- (for personal), etc.

@Ian Moran 

You can set the default Managed Path in the admin center.

But you can only choose /Team/ or /Sites/


We should pest MS to allow us more flexibility with this :)