Making SharePoint Page my Homepage according to browser language

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Our SharePoint Site is multilingual. German and English. A member of our team went ahead to the site pages and made the German page out home page by clicking the ellipsis and clicking “Make Homepage”. Now we have the problem that users with their browsers set to English, and which are English speakers, always see the German page as the home page. Before he did that, the site took on the browser language a d displayed the English page for them automatically.

Is there a way to reverse this?

Thank you so very much.
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Have you tried to make a different page the home page of the site?
Yes I did try. But if the German page has been set as the home page, the user with the browser language set to English always sees the German page as the home page, which means that SharePoint does not display the language according to the browser language.

Everything worked fine before we set the German page as the homepage