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Heya community!


I am trying to build a solution for our internal policies.


We have three policies (will be more soon) in a document library that I want our users to Accept. I also wishes that the accepts gathers in a SharePoint list for managers, to track that users have accepted or not.  And that the users themselves can see (somehow) that they have accepted what policy.


I have tried Micorsoft Forms for this but can not get it work they way i want and my Power Platform skills are pretty basic.


Any ideas? Thank you in advance!





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A (not so beautiful) but really simple solution (if you use Microsoft Teams) is that you:

  • Copy the link to the respective policy document
  • Create a new post in a Team (where all users are members).
  • Paste the link to the policy document
  • Write a text in the post where you ask everyone to confirm with "thumbs up" that they have read and understood it.