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Hi there,


I'm not sure how niche this might be; if it's possible, I'm just missing something or need to find a workaround. For context, I have two very different audiences - Colleagues & Franchisees. 


My colleague audience has access to a series of SharePoint sites organised into a Hub site we've called Colleague Hub 2.0 - this acts as our intranet for them. The Franchisee audience does not have access to this 'intranet' as most of the content is irrelevant or confidential. That being said, I have one page I want them to have access to, which is our International Org Chart.  I know I can create a link to this page that is accessible to anyone in my organisation so I can share this with them via their own areas - this is what I've done. 


The issue I have is we use the Hub's navigation which is included when I create the shared page. I'm unable to share a screenshot, sorry. 


I'm looking to know if it's possible to create a shared link that excludes the Hub navigation. I can't find a way to do this but could be missing something - in theory, they can click any of the links in that megamenu and will just be presented with a permission error but as we've turned off access requests they're prompted to log out and most will create a poor user experience for them (the Franchisee audience isn't the most technologically minded and this is likely to cause an influx of tickets into my Support Desk). 


I know a workaround is to create a new page that's identical in another area they have access to but I'm keen to not increase the workload of my HR Team either. 


Any advice or insight would be amazing. 



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You can edit the menu items to show them only to internal groups.

When editing the menu activate "Enable site navigation audience targeting"

Then in each menu item you can choose the groups that should see it.


You can read more here:

Customize the navigation on your SharePoint site - Microsoft Support


I hope this helps, if so a Like and Best Respons would be highly appreciated.

Thanks Kaaven! We already use Audience Targetting here so I'll use that - I knew there'd be a simple solutionI hadn't thought of. Thanks so much!
Great to hear. I would probably look into the use of Power Pages for customer facing information bubbles. It has some potential and the use cases seems to be limitless.