Make a field a link that automatically copies the value

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So we have a list on one of our SharePoint site that has usernames and passwords. However, apparently we can't just easily copy the values like the password. We can highlight the password, but then if you right-click you don't get your standard copy menu option.




So the only way to copy this is to use the keyboard shortcut of ctrl+c. So I was hoping to see if anyone has made something like this a hyperlink style field so that when you click it it copies it to your clipboard. Has anyone done this?



Ryan Wakefield

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Hi @Ryan_Wakefield,


If you have SharePoint Online, you can "Copy field to clipboard".



I hope this helps.



@Norman Young 


Hi Norm 


Thanks for your post this is a great feature.


It would be great if this was available in document libraries as well as lists. Do you know if there’s a way to achieve the same thing in a SharePoint Online document library?

Thanks again



Hi @Ryan_McConville,


Glad I could help.


In document libraries you are limited to "Copy to" and "Move to" functions. There is no way to copy metadata (site columns) to the clipboard. The "Export to Excel" feature in a document library will include the site column info for bulk operations.


I hope this helps.



Hi @Norman Young - do you know if this capability is linked to permission level?