Make a different page in SharePoint the homepage.

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I am working on cleaning up our SharePoint page and one of the tasks is to make our News page the default page for our SharePoint. I have went through some of the ways I have found online to accomplish this tasks and they are not working. It seems the current default page is an older page and the preferred page is a new one. 


Any help would be accepted and I am willing to retry past steps and respond with feedback.

Thank you

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Hello @ksclifton 


you want to change your homepage on a SharePoint site, right?


You can change your homepage in the site pages library. In this link you can find more information:


Regards, Dave

I went to the site that I wanted to make the main SharePoint page to be. When I clicked to make it the homepage it didn't work. I believe that it only would have only altered the site that it is on, and not the main page. The page I wanted to make the homepage, is on the left in section above edit, but doesn't show up in the Site Contents.

Hello @ksclifton 


it‘s not really clear for me, on which level you want to make a new homepage…on a site or as your „root“? Can you explain with printscreens or URLs ?


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr 

I am wanting the News site to be the homepage.

Hello @ksclifton 


not clear with this info, i don‘t know on which level you want to do it…


Is the news site a site or a page?

Which url have the current  homepage?

Which url have the news site?


And i see you use classic, when it‘s possible, switch to modern.


Regards, Dave