Major Bug In Updated Sharing Experience!!!

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Is it just my 2 tenants or is there a major bug in the most recently updated sharing experience? Here is my experience on 2 totally separate tenants with the new experience when sharing a link to people with EXISTING access.


  • People with EXISTING access:
    • Simply put, SharePoint now instantly grants access to ANY PERSON you list who is part of your organization regardless of their prior access!
    • Before this update, if you typed in the name of a person who did NOT already have access to the file, you would get a notice in the box that says "This person does not already have access to this file"
    • just adds them as a contributor to the file...even if they don't have prior access!!!

Someone please tell me how this is possible...on 2 different tenants??? Is this happening to your tenant as well? Do they even test these things? Am I just losing my mind? I have no idea anymore.


Below is a screen shot of the "Updated" experience. Please let us know if you are experiencing similar behavior so that Microsoft can get on this. Or just let me know that I'm totally cuckoo....I guess that's entirely possible as well.


New File Sharing.jpg

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I recommend you creating a ticket with Microsoft support!
Hi, this due to change in invite flow. Check MC706173 · Published 12 Jan 2024 · Last updated 16 Feb 2024

Edited: You are actually right! Thanks for your help!


Thanks....except there is no mention anywhere in that communication that states when you choose "people" with existing access" that it will then grant access to folks who had no prior access. So there is something wrong.

Whoops! you are actually spot on! it's just that I didn't understand the explanation from microsoft in their online materials. Thanks for the tip