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We had business users trying to add in their communication sites in the navigation menu (so it shows up in the mega menu) a URL link that is actually a link to an email address.  It is the standard link.  It looks though this is not a supported format/link type that we can use within the navigation of the communication site.  We tried also leveraging the footer as it would be a good place to display the email address of who to reach out/contact with questions but we had the same unsuccessful experience as with the mega menu.  Does someone know if this adding a mailto link to the navigation is really unsupported and if so what other options do we have (other than creating a page with a text web part where we can add the mailto link).  Thanks!

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Yeah they really need to add support for other links. In the meantime thou use a url shortener like or tiny url. I wrote a blog awhile back about this very thing :

@Chris Webb  Thank you so much!