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I'm looking for a tool or route to go that may or may not exist within SharePoint or Power Automate please!

The idea would be something like:


  • Manager comes into a Sharepoint portal (or site/application/etc) and assigns some number of documents (from a list of 56 documents) for their direct report to review and acknowledge
  • Employee is notified, enters portal, selects items they’ve reviewed, indicates their acknowledgement
  • Manager is notified, manager goes to portal to indicate they acknowledge the review completed by their employee
  • A List keeps track of one ‘row’ of info per employee (per year?) – Dates of review, documents reviewed, acknowledgements by employee and manager (so we can pull this out of the list if needed for auditing considerations)
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@jennithompson You will rarely find anything already built that does exactly what you want. The route I would look to take with something like this with a Power Apps front end as it can handle multiple data sources, can display the documents assigned to the logged-in employee and much more. I'd then have a list in the backend for the documents and also one that records the documents reviewed by the employee and the date the review took place. Flows in Power Automate (probably approval flows is best here), triggered by buttons on the Power Apps front end, would alert the employee with the list of documetns to review and for the manager to acknowledge.


If you don't know Power Apps a good way to start is to watch the videos on YouTube by Shane Young who explains things very clearly and step-by-step. He's how I got started.


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