Loss of metadata after moving document

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Two identical libraries inside same site. When moving a document these 3 columns are blank (Term store columns).  When moving the document, I will not receive a message that metadata will be lost.   


The strange this is that if I change metadata in one of the blank three columns in library 2, the two blank columns suddenly populate with the CORRECT metadata. So data is transferred, but not visible as far as I can see. 

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Anyone? this is giving med a headache...

Can you check what metadata is present directly after the move action?
Use https://<yourserver>.sharepoint.com/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl='/Picture%20Libr...
Replace the decodedurl path for your system
1. Are the original metadata values present in the above response?
2. What kind of file are you moving? Office file
What happens when you change one of the other metadata fields (not the three empty ones): do the values for the 3 empty ones surface again?

@kjako @Paul de Jong Is any of you able to solve this problem ? I am having the same issue right now and it is really giving me serious problem. I have over 700 files, editing one by one will be very impossible