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Hi all,

Is it possible to have a list that can be looked up from different sites associated with that Hub? I have an approvers list which is just an email address and password. I'd like all the sites associated with that Hub to be able to lookup that list?


I think I can it with metadata but if I enter an email address like, it will return something like|GUID-0011-0111 or similar? 


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You can't link across site collections for lookups.

You could do something with a PowerApp form as it can have data sources in different sites, or custom code.

The new methods seem somewhat counter-productive.  Our SharePoint support team have migrated on-prem sites to online, like for like, mirroring the existing sub-site structures.  So now working units have a Team (with a SharePoint site) and a Teams classic SharePoint site. 

We're trying to suggest "hey.. just use your Teams for SP, you don't need an SPO site as well," but issues like cross site lookups create road blocks for adoption.  

Previously, the lists could be displayed for the width of the page.  Is the only suggestion to create a powerapp which cross references two sources, to insert into a page and display the required information?  I can see people shrinking back from doing this and reverting to classic SharePoint with sub-sites. 

Is there still no reasonable alternate solution for this? I need a single source of truth for lookups in multiple site collections without creating the previous on premise site hierarchy of subsites and subsites within subsites!!
You can do it with Power Apps.