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Is it possible to add a value in a column that is using lookup. 


I have a lookup column that has 3 values 




and I can easly select one or multiple of these options that are linked to my fruit list. 


Can I however enter a unique value that is not from the original fruit list like "pear" without having to add a new item to the fruit list?




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You didn´t specify what your working environment is but here´s a suggestion.


There are two possibilities:


SharePoint standard listform:

  • Let the user select a value "Other" from the lookup.
  • If "Other" is selected the user fills in a value in a textbox. This value is stored in a separate column.

This option does not allow for logic, such as only showing the textbox when the "Other" lookup value is selected. For this you can create a Power App, see attached image. You still need two columns, but the UI will be more user friendly and safe from errors.



Hi Maggan,
Sorry I am using sharpoint and Microsoft lists.
I'm not sure how I can let people select other? Do I have to put other in the orgininal list that I am referencing for the lookup or is there an option somewhere that I am not aware of to put other.

I am also having an issue when adding information from excell, if the value in this Lookup column doesnt match any of the values from the origninal list i cant add it, is there a way around this?
You could add Other to the original list for simplicity. However, if you choose to create a custom form with Power Apps, the value Other can be just a control in the form with no connection to SharePoint data. When the user selects Other, a textbox for entering av value will be visible. This value will be stored in the SP list.

Regarding your other issue, Excel to SP: Are you using Grid view editing - copy/paste? You could exclude the column from the original source (Excel) and set the lookup value manually/bulk edit after copying it to SP.