Looking to change the results name when using the top search box in Microsoft Lists

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I am trying to figure out how to provide more context to my users in my Microsoft List when the user wants to search the list. My users use the top middle search box and when they are searching my list results pop up but I don't know how to provide accurate context to the user. I want to have the name populate from a certain column in my list that has unique values and it currently populates from a choice field and shows many duplicates. The image attached is just an example of what starts populating. I would like to be able to determine how these results are populated. Any help would be appreciated.


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@RyanG1465 I don't think you can change this behavior in SharePoint online / Microsoft lists.


By default, it shows Title column values in search box suggestions. If you are programmatically adding data in this list (either Power Apps or REST API or PowerShell), you can populate the Title column value as per your requirements and it will be shown in suggestions after search crawl.

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Thanks ganeshanap I was not using the Title column at all with my SharePoint list but I have brought it back and now using it and it is coming up with the Title names. I wish there was a way to have it populate from a different column but doesn't look like there is.