Looking for suggestions for team calendar SharePoint Online

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Hey guys - thanks in advance for any ideas you provide!


I am building a team calendar, I have it set up pretty simple so far with some color coding, but I am wondering if the following are possible.

- Create a view based on job tilte

- Set approval for ONE specific category 

-Set approvals to go to a particular person based on their job title

-Set the sync in outlook to share point if something is created, but require it to have certain criteria s (ie if the event is for travel, pto or wfh


Any ideas or direction is appreciated! 


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1. Yes. You can edit the view and filter on any of the available columns in the events list.
2. Yes and Yes but not with content approvals. You would have to utilize Power Automate flows.
3. Sync is very basic and I don’t believe it really works anymore tbh. Even when it did it’s only for build in calendar entries you cannot pull over the custom categories names or other columns into Outlook and sync is PC only when it did work.