Looking for Ideas to build framework around Clinical Process for Nursing Digital Application

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I have a use case where I am trying to build some framework around a clinical workflow.  Wasn't sure if anyone had any recommendations on what Tools to use to build something digital that is currently in paper form.  The digital solution is a step by step application process where our Nurses will be required to fill out something similar to an application.  It will require uploading documents and submitting information.  I'm thinking the database should include a SharePoint list to collect all the data and files along with some automation. 

  • Some of the requirements are they want a way to share the data out to the manager so they can make changes but keep it private and not available to entire organization
  • Our nurses use shared clinical workstations that do not have O365 licenses so whatever tools I decide to use has to be easily accessed through web only and have the functionality for them to submit data and files simply and efficiently.
  • Would need to build this from an already existing SharePoint site that is public to all nurses.  Would it be best to create multiple forms for each step or create one big form with all of these sections for the nurses to fill out? 


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  • Wasn't sure if anyone had built a digital tool similar to this that you would be willing to share?  The tools I am thinking about using to build my framework are SharePoint, Forms, Power Automate.

If anyone has any ideas or use cases to share it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the SharePoint space which seems the closest fit for your question - please post SharePoint questions here in the future. 

I would recommend to check out Lists app or start with creating a list in your existing SharePoint site. If you can accomplish your intake form using out of the box logic, I will stick with the out of the box form.
As far as creating a single list vs multiple lists, it depends on your process flow. If you have your users entering information all together then single list makes sense, if they only fill out a section or part of it each time, then splitting them sections into different lists makes more sense. And also how you want to manage permissions plays a part in making this decision.