Looking for advice on creating a SharePoint list with fixed content

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Good afternoon,

I am trying to create at toolbox checklist that will be used as a data source for Power Apps and I'm really struggling with how to layout the columns etc.


What I am trying to create is a list with a fixed content (the list of tools in the toolbox) that the user can call up and complete the missing information (see screenshot). Part #, Outils, Prix and Classe, should already be present; all the user would need to do is add the serial number, identify if it is delivered (yes/no) and if it is present (yes/no). For the life of me, I just can't figure out how to put this in a list. Any ideas?



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With creating the list and you are making a new column then you have several choices what type of column you want.
If you choose there choice and the answers are yes/no then you have it?



Yep, that's the usual route. I created a column for each tool and then used the Yes/No option (changed to Delivered/Present) to show that the tool was delivered and present. But I'm not sure how to record the serial number. This is what I have so far. I just can't figure out how to get a text field for each tool to record a serial number.


FYI - The Manager wants a static list of toolbox contents




If the serial numbers are present then you can choose choice as a column and add the serial numbers (Keuzen) 
My print screen is in dutch. 

Then you have a static content.